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Financial Support

  • Checks payable to “Global Partners USA” (memo: missionary ID# T17), mail to: GP USA, 10582 Katella Ave. Anaheim, CA 92804
  • In Korea, please send to 후원계좌: 하나은행(KEB) 990-090819-148 (김바울, 김은정).Please call the GP Finance staff at 02-443-0883 to confirm.
  • In Thailand, Bangkok Bank Account: 206-0-75264-5 (Paul Kim). SWIFT* code for int’l transfer: BKKBTHBK
  • Support us via Paypal (or Zelle, paulmkim@gmail.com):

An informative article about Missionary Budgets

Other Ways To Support Us


    • Please pray that our 3rd term in Thailand will be off to a good start.
    • Pray that Paul will be patient and flexible as he tries to invest more time in communicating with supporters and office work in general.
    • Pray that Sarah will maintain her physical and emotional health as she tries to maintain her different roles as a wife, a mother, a homeschool teacher, and a missionary.
    • Pray that Lydia will fine tune her vision as God’s daughter while in college.
    • Pray that Timothy will continue to thrive as he becomes a young man with bigger responsibilities.


    • You individually
    • You and your friends
    • Your small group
    • Your church


    • Tourism: We can introduce you to a nice travel agency here and answer some of your questions. We will join you when we can, or on our day off.
    • Mission Trip: Please see our ministry webpage and click on the short term checklist link.
    • Ministry Development: Do you want to do something while you are here? We’d love to share with you some of our current ministries with HelpLive and InSearchofSanuk.
    • Spoiling Your Missionary: Just come with a lot of time, gifts and money for food.

Wish List

Here are our wish items. Please check with us first, in case we just received any of them.

  • Ziplock bags
  • Dried seaweed for soup
  • Dried laver (seaweed)
  • Dried anchovies
  • New phone
  • Tech gadgets
  • Travel expenses for ministry sites
  • Office space

Beyond Financials

    • Give feedback on our ministries that you’ve read, seen or experienced
    • Upgrade this old website
    • Offer your skills online; eg, tutor a missionary kid, English conversation with some of my Thai friends an hour a week
    • Set up an online platform where interactions like English conversations mentioned above can happen safely and with minimal coordination; discuss issues like whether these services should be free or have a token fee to prevent abuse.
    • Explore with me for more effective ways of connecting with missionaries and locals without compromising security and privacy issues, even setting up a new form of missions agency that matches the tech driven global environment today
    • What else? Share your passion and talent with us and we’ll plug you in! The sky’s the limit; if you’re a health professional you can provide health consultation; if you’re good with finances you can provide financial consulting.