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We thank you for your partnership in God’s Kingdom! There are many ways you can partner with us in ministry including prayer, financial support, networking, visitation, and more!

Financial Support

Please consider becoming a regular financial supporter for our ministries. We thank the churches and friends who are already contributing on a regular basis.

      • Checks payable to “Global Partners USA” (memo: missionary ID# T17), mail to:
        • GP USA, 10582 Katella Ave. Anaheim, CA 92804
      • In Korea, please send to 후원계좌: 하나은행(KEB) 990-090819-148 (김바울, 김은정).
        • Please call the GP Finance staff at 02-443-0883 to confirm.
      • In Thailand, Bangkok Bank Account: 206-0-75264-5 (Paul Kim).
        • SWIFT* code for int’l transfer: BKKBTHB
      • Support us via Paypal (or Zelle, paulmkim@gmail.com):

An informative article about Missionary Budgets

Other Ways To Support Us


      • Please pray that our 3rd term in Thailand will be off to a good start.
      • Pray that Paul will be patient and flexible as he tries to invest more time in communicating with supporters and office work in general.
      • Pray that Sarah will maintain her physical and emotional health as she tries to maintain her different roles as a wife, a mother, a homeschool teacher, and a missionary.
      • Pray that Lydia will fine tune her vision as God’s daughter while in college.
      • Pray that Timothy will continue to thrive as he becomes a young man with bigger responsibilities.


We partner with HelpLive.org and InSearchofSanuk.com. We have other ministry friends here that do a lot of work with little resources; please email us for more info on how you can help them. We’d love to connect with:

      • You individually
      • You and your friends
      • Your small group
      • Your church

We are looking for church groups and individuals who have a heart for missions, and whose vision of missions matches ours– supporting and developing local leaders. We are focusing on supporting individual Thai leaders, young and old, both in the urban and rural settings. We also see a great demand for English-language learning, and hence people who can teach English or English Bible. We also want to help connect people back home with leaders here. Please let us know if you are interested in connecting with us in some way.


It’s important to communicate your expectations to us in the early stages of planning. The purpose of your visit makes all the difference!

      • Tourism: We can introduce you to a nice travel agency here and answer some of your questions. We will join you when we can, or on our day off.
      • Mission Trip: Please see our ministry webpage and click on the short term checklist link.
      • Ministry Development: Do you want to do something while you are here? We’d love to share with you some of our current ministries with HelpLive and InSearchofSanuk.
      • Spoiling Your Missionary: Just come with a lot of time, gifts and money for food.

Wish List

Here are our wish items. Please check with us first, in case we just received any of them.

      • Timothy: new phone
      • Lydia: spending money for food in college
      • Sarah: Ziplock bags, dried seaweed for soup, dried laver (seaweed), dried anchovies
      • Paul: tech gadgets, travel expenses for ministry sites, office space

Beyond Financials

Thank you for wanting to support us in other ways, besides finances, prayer, wish-list gifts, networking, logistics and visiting (or moving over here) mentioned above. You can support us further by networking at a deeper level while still at home:

      • Give feedback on our ministries that you’ve read, seen or experienced
      • Upgrade this old website
      • Offer your skills online; eg, tutor a missionary kid, English conversation with some of my Thai friends an hour a week
      • Set up an online platform where interactions like English conversations mentioned above can happen safely and with minimal coordination; discuss issues like whether these services should be free or have a token fee to prevent abuse.
      • Explore with me for more effective ways of connecting with missionaries and locals without compromising security and privacy issues, even setting up a new form of missions agency that matches the tech driven global environment today
      • What else? Share your passion and talent with us and we’ll plug you in! The sky’s the limit; if you’re a health professional you can provide health consultation; if you’re good with finances you can provide financial consulting.