Our Vision

Our vision is a vibrant Christian community that produces local leaders who contribute to the worldwide body of believers. Individual leadership development is our strategy, and we want to keep things sustainable. We lead English Bible studies for a group of Thai professionals in Bangkok and online, and also partner with different ministries reaching out to people groups in need. Ultimately, we would like to see local leaders effectively transforming communities around the world.



Thailand means “Land of the Free”. Thais have the confidence that comes from being the only Southeast Asian nation never to have been colonized. “Land of Smiles” is another phrase often used to describe Thailand. The tropical climate yields plenty of food for its inhabitants, and phrases like “mai pen rai” (no problem) is often uttered to express confidence that everything will be alright. Combined with a history of freedom, there is plenty to smile about.

The gospel of Jesus Christ has had little appeal in Thailand. The Buddhist culture can make a commitment to the Christian faith seem like a compromise of their “true” identity. Also, attractive entertainment options provide plenty of distractions.

Financial Support

Please consider becoming a regular financial supporter for our ministries. We thank the churches and friends who are already contributing on a regular basis.